Lori Ann VanTol
Hatha Yoga Instructor

Lori Ann has been a practitioner and student of Yoga for 15+ years. She believes that yoga is a way of living, and hopes that through the art of teaching, her students will reconnect with their true self and feel good about their whole being.

Having a background in dance and pilates, movement is an influential part of Lori’s yoga journey. She finds play and freedom in connecting with her inner self, and encourages her students to embrace the same spirit in their yoga exploration. Be compassionate and loving with yourself as you experience the amazing benefits that breath and movement offer.

As a Hatha teacher, Lori Ann merges the techniques of intentional sequencing, attention to breath, and use of mantra and meditation – creating a practice that allows the flow of your inherent joy and true essential nature. She shares her authentic self and hopes to provide a space for others on their journey of self-discovery and unconditional love.

Lori Ann is a RYT 200 through Sri Yoga, under the direction of Jean Mazzei and Brenna Geehan. She is actively engaged in continuing education and workshops with Edwina Ferro and Jean Mazzei, and is pursuing her RYT 300.

“We have come into this exquisite world to experience ever and ever more deeply our divine courage, freedom and light!”